DIY Food Swap Toolkit

DIY Food Swap Toolkit (PDF): This toolkit includes all sorts of tips and ideas from the worldwide swap community for holding your own local food swap. The toolkit includes the following components, all meant to help you hold a seamless swap: How a Food Swap Works, Swap Nuts and Bolts, Tips For a Successful Swap, How To Make Sure People Show Up, How To Build the Swap Momentum.

• Tips for Successful Swapping (PDF): This template from ATXswappers shows you what you might want to share via email with registered swappers before your event so attendees know what to expect on the day of the swap.

• Tips for Successful Swapping – At the Swap (PDF): This template from ATXswappers shows what you might print out and post on your sign-in table for new swappers; it’s an edited version of the doc above tailored for folks who might’ve missed the email.

Sample Swap Sheets

Sample Swap Sheet 1 (PDF)
Sample Swap Sheet 2 (Word)
Sample Swap Sheet 3 (PDF) (courtesy Central OC Food Swap)

You’re welcome to use these or make your own. We recommend printing out 5 cards per swapper and then some, just to be sure you have enough. You may also ask swappers to print the cards out themselves and bring them to the event.

Useful Online Services

Facebook: Facebook pages are a great way to build community, publicize swaps, and post photos of events. Many swap organizers start a Facebook page as the first step in creating an online home for their swap, and while some go on to create separate websites, many simply stick with Facebook. (Be sure to “Like” the Food Swap Network on Facebook!)

Twitter: Some swap organizers create Twitter accounts to make announcements, post links, and communicate with other swaps organizers and attendees. You can also create a hashtag for your swap (e.g., #pdxfoodswap) and ask others to use it while tweeting about your event. (Be sure to follow @FoodSwaps on Twitter!)

Eventbrite: Eventbrite is a service that you can use to create registration pages, manage RSVPs, and easily link to social networks. You can even publish your event to Facebook or integrate it with MailChimp. Registration pages may be private or open to the public. As long as your event is free, there is no charge to use Eventbrite.

MailChimp: MailChimp is a marketing tool that you can use to create an email list sign-up form for your website, manage your email list, and send newsletters or announcements. MailChimp can also be integrated with Facebook and used to send Eventbrite invitations. For most swap organizers, the free plan is sufficient.

Food Swap Network Badge

• Once you submit your swap listing, add a badge to your website!

Download the size that best suits your needs. You are free to share the badge on your website, blog, or Facebook page.

Right-click and choose “Save as” to download the image, then upload it to your site. Please do not hotlink the badge. Link it to the main Food Swap Network page:

Food Swap Network 250x250

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